GUPER reinforcement materials with adhesive

For more than 10 years TecnoGi has used its experience in technologies and materials to develop a new division in charge of the production and distribution of reinforcement materials, identified with the “Guper” brand.
The experience matured in the market and the competitive advantage of the backward integration with the production of adhesives allowed us to develop new generations of highly technological adhesives such as TAG and TMS, that have quickly become the market reference for the bonding of reinforcement materials.
TecnoGi is now in the position to offer a complete range of materials, to satisfy all the needs concerning the reinforcements for shoes.
The deep knowledge of the shoes production sector allowed us to develop a range of items based on cotton fabric, jersey and non-woven.
Adhesive films are also available for customers that need to couple different materials with the best possible performance.

Besides the TAG adhesive, all the items are available with traditional EVA adhesives, points (dots) adhesive and auto-adhesive (self-adhesive).
Guper items with TAG adhesive will grant a perfect bonding starting from low temperatures (90°) up to 140°.

Contact time will vary depending on the kind of leather and its thickness. Even on  supports such as elastic nylon, our LAB tests show a perfect bonding after 4 seconds at 120°C.

Method of usage

The reinforcement materiali is positioned on the leather and pressed using a pneumatic press or a lasting machine.

Advisable standard working conditions:

ATTENTION: do not exposure to direct sunlight and do not store in hot and humid place.


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