Rigid and flexible Counters materials


The available range includes impregnated woven and non-woven materials and thermoplastic extruded materials with thermoadhesive on both sides, characterized by different degrees of stiffness, suitable for shoes requiring high stiffness and long-lasting shape retention features (safety shoes, sport shoes and military shoes).

The thinner gauges are flexible, therefore have a wider application in men’s , children and women’s shoes.


The available product range includes impregnated materials based on cotton fabric with thermo adhesive on both sides  and extruded materials  for shoes requiring good mouldability, adaptability to the shape and structural support.

Method of usage

The counter is put between upper and lining, then moulded by a special moulding machine.

Advisable standard working conditions:

The following cold stabilization (given by the above mentioned special machine, with two stations) gives a very well moulded counter. Avantgarde is specially suitable to be pre-moulded by the modern automatic moulding machines. The perfect moulding allows an extraordinary adaptability to the last.

ATTENTION: the application of other adhesives , in particular containing solvents could damage the adhesive of our material , causing its detachment.


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